Wuhan Business University


     Wuhan Business University is a public application-oriented university endorsed by the municipal government with a history of 60 years. The university covers an area of about 169 acres. Presently, it has nearly 14,000 full-time students and nearly 1000 faculties, aiming specifically at cultivating applied talents suited to economic and social development.

     The university features distinctive majors and programs. It consists of 13 schools, such as School of Business Administration, School of Economics, School of Tourism Management, School of Physical Education(School of Equestrianism International), School of Food Science, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Information Engineering, School of Arts, School of Foreign Languages, School of International Education and School of General Education. The university holds more than 70 teaching quality programs, including state-level and province-level programs, Excellent Courses, Training Bases, etc. 

     Wuhan Business University holds an excellent team of teaching staff, including more than 300 professors and associate professors, and over 60 specialists who actively conduct  scientific research. WBU boasts many research institutes, including Commerce Culture Research Institute, Equine Economy Research Institute and so on. In addition, teachers in WBU have hosted over 500 provincial and municipal academic projects and projects funded by National Social Science Fund of China. It also sponsors publicly issued academic journals.

     Meanwhile, the university insists on collaborative education through cooperation with the government, industries and over 100 well-known enterprises. Furthermore, teachers and students have volunteered in many international events such as Beijing Olympic Games, Military World Games, Shanghai Expo, scientific investigation in South Pole and so on. They were highly praised and awarded the highest honor for voluntary service in China by Chinese Youth Volunteers’ Outstanding Organization.

     Wuhan Business University has built extensive international cooperative partnerships with more than 70 overseas institutions in various countries and regions, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and so on. The number of students in international classes has exceeded 600. The university actively promotes international cooperative education programs, international communication programs, overseas study and training programs for faculties and students and cultural exchanges with the aim to cultivate talents from various aspects.

     Sticking to the developing strategy of transformation and upgrading, intensive development, distinctive education, and opening up, Wuhan Business University strives to be an application-oriented business city university with distinctive features and a sound reputation in China.